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Eur J Cell Biol. 1987 Jun;43(3):429-37.

Immunocytochemical localization of myosin during ciliogenesis of quail oviduct.


Myosin has been localized during ciliogenesis of quail oviduct by immunocytochemistry (immunofluorescence, immunoperoxidase, immunogold labeling) using a previously characterized monoclonal antibody. In ovariectomized quail oviduct many undifferentiated epithelial cells present a primary cilium arising from one of the diplosome centrioles. Myosin is associated with material located between the two centrioles. In contrast, in estrogen-stimulated quail oviduct, the material preceding the procentioles is never labeled. Basal bodies become labeled just before their migration toward the apical plasma membrane. During the anchoring phase, the labeling is mainly associated with the basal feet. In mature ciliated cells, myosin appears associated with an apical network embedding the basal bodies. This network is connected to a myosin-rich belt associated with the apical junctional complex which differentiates at the beginning of centriologenesis. The association of myosin with migrating basal bodies suggests that myosin could be involved in basal body movements.

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