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J Biol Chem. 1987 Jun 15;262(17):8303-13.

Purification of two high molecular weight proteases from rabbit reticulocyte lysate.


We have purified two high molecular weight proteases approximately 400-fold from rabbit reticulocyte lysate. Both enzymes hydrolyze 125I-alpha-casein and 4-methylcoumaryl-7-amide peptides with tyrosine, phenylalanine, or arginine at the P1 position. Both are inhibited by hemin, thiol reagents, chymostatin, and leupeptin. They differ, however, by other criteria. Degradation of 125I-lysozyme-ubiquitin conjugates and succinyl-Leu-Leu-Val-Tyr-4-methylcoumaryl-7-amide by the larger 26 S protease is stimulated by ATP. Based on sedimentation, gel filtration, and nondenaturing polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, the ATP-dependent protease has a molecular weight of 1,000,000 +/- 100,000 and is a multisubunit complex. The smaller 20 S protease has a molecular weight of 700,000 +/- 20,000 and is composed of 8-10 separate subunits with Mr values between 21,000 and 32,000. It does not require nucleotides for degradation of protein or peptide substrates. This smaller enzyme is similar, if not identical, to the "multicatalytic proteinase complex" first described by Wilk and Orlowski (Wilk, S., and Orlowski, M. (1983) J. Neurochem. 40, 842-849).

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