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J Appl Bacteriol. 1987 Mar;62(3):261-8.

Effect of alternating current exposure on the resistivity of resting Escherichia coli B cells to crystal violet and other basic dyes.


Phosphate buffer suspensions of resting Escherichia coli B cells at pH 7.0 were anaerobically exposed to alternating current (a.c.) of 50 Hz at a current density of 600 +/- 60 mA/cm2 and 34 degrees +/- 3 degrees C. The minimum inhibitory concentrations of eight basic dyes: crystal violet, malachite green, brilliant green, fuchsin, methylene blue, toluidine blue, safranin and acriflavine for exposed cells were decreased to about the half values of those for unexposed ones when both cells were grown in the minimal medium including one of the dyes. The integrated viabilities of exposed cells tended to decline with increasing concentration of the dyes markedly more than those of unexposed ones, whereas the exposed cells took up the dyes less readily than the unexposed cells. These results suggested that a.c. exposure may serve as an agent which renders E. coli cells susceptible to the basic dyes.

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