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Brain Res. 1979 Jan 12;160(2):261-70.

Hair cell polarization in the gravity receptor systems of the statocysts of the cephalopods Sepia officinalis and Loligo vulgaris.


The complete patterns of polarization of the sensory epithelia of the various gravity receptor systems of the decapods Sepia and Loligo have been described (Fig. 6). Each individual receptor cell (hair cell) bears up to 150 kinocilia, but is polarized unidirectionally by 3 morphological features: (I) by the orientation of the internal 9X2+2 tubuli structure of each kinocilium, (II) by the location of their basal feet. Each hair cell is additionally polarized (III), in that its kinociliary group is inclined toward the plane of the macula surface, forming an angle of 40-60 degrees with it (Figs. 1-3); the direction of polarization, as given by the ultrastructural features (I and II), is always opposite to this acute angle (Fig. 4). The results are discussed with reference to their physiological consequences.

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