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Eur J Immunol. 1988 Nov;18(11):1767-71.

B lymphopoiesis on stromal cell clone: stromal cell clones acting on different stages of B cell differentiation.

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Department of Immunopathology, Kumamoto University Medical School, Japan.


B lymphopoiesis supporting activities of two stromal cell clones, MC3T3-G2/PA6 (PA6) and ST2, were compared. When normal bone marrow cells were cultured in these clones under Whitlock-Witte-type condition, mature B cells were generated only in the culture with the ST2 layer. The cells maintained on the PA6 layer, however, contained the precursor cells giving rise to mature B cells when transferred to the ST2 layer. Thus, PA6 is a stromal cell clone capable of supporting the early B progenitors but cannot support a further maturation step into pre-B cells. The immunoglobulin heavy chain gene configuration of B progenitors maintained on the PA6 layer diversified after their transfer onto ST2 layer. This suggests that they are actually the earliest progenitors. This marked difference in the stromal cell activities between PA6 and ST2 could also be distinguished by stromal cell-dependent pre-B cell lines. Among four ST2-dependent pre-B cell lines tested, two grew only on the ST2 layer, which is capable of supporting B lymphopoiesis, while the others grew both on the ST2 and PA6 layers. These results strongly suggest that the process of intra-marrow B cell development is controlled by more than one signal acting on different stages of B cell differentiation.

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