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Gene. 1988 Sep 7;68(2):307-14.

Sequence and structure of the mouse gene coding for the largest neurofilament subunit.

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Institut du Cancer de Montréal, Centre Hospitalier Notre-Dame, Canada.


We have determined the complete nucleotide sequence of the mouse gene encoding the neurofilament NF-H protein. The C-terminal domain of NF-H is very rich in charged amino acids (aa) and contains a 3-aa sequence, Lys-Ser-Pro, that is repeated 51 times within a stretch of 368 aa. The location of this serine-rich repeat in the phosphorylated domain of NF-H indicates that it represents the major protein kinase recognition site. The nfh gene shares two common intron positions with the nfl and nfm genes, but has an additional intron that occurs at a location equivalent to one of the introns in non-neuronal intermediate filament-coding genes. This additional nfh intron may have been acquired via duplication of a primordial intermediate filament gene.

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