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J Immunol. 1977 Apr;118(4):1201-7.

Immunologic release of heparin from purified rat peritoneal mast cells.


High m.w. [35S]heparin, labeled in vivo or in vitro, was released from purified rat mast cells by challenge with rabbit anti-rat F(ab')2, guinea pig anti-rat IgE, or calcium ionophore. The released and the residual heparin were isolated by Dowex 1 chromatography and were of comparable size by Sepharose 4B gel filtration. The majority of the released heparin was found by differential centrifugation to be granule-associated. Net percentage of mast cell heparin release, quantitated by metachromasia after isolation on Dowex 1 chromatography, correlated in a linear fashion with net percentage of histamine release, with heparin exhibiting a threshold requirement for onset of release. The correlation of histamine and high m.w. heparin release provides chemical support for the conclusion of others from ultrastructural studies that mast cell activation by immunologic means or by the calcium ionophore results in secretion of the whole granule.

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