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J BUON. 2019 Nov-Dec;24(6):2377-2384.

Association of LncRNA-GACAT3 with MRI features of breast cancer and its molecular mechanism.

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Department of MRI, the second Affiliated Hospital of Qiqihar Medical University, Qiqihar 161006, P.R. China.



This study was designed to investigate the relationship between the abnormal expression of LncRNA GACAT3 and the prognosis of breast cancer patients, preoperative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) parameters and the molecular downstream mechanism.


Quantitative fluorescence PCR was used to detect the expression of LCCRNA GACAT3 in 20 breast cancer tissues and adjacent tissues. Patients were divided into low expression group and high expression group according to the level of expression, and the differences and overall survival of MRI diffusion-weighted imaging parameters were analyzed. The expression of LCCRNA GACAT3 was interfered by MCV-7 cells transfected by recombinant adenovirus, and the proliferation and apoptosis of MCF-7 were detected by BrdU method and TUNEL method, respectively.


The expression of LncRNA GACAT3 was increased in breast cancer tissues and cell lines compared to paracancer tissues and normal cells. Compared with the low expression group, patients with high expression had poorer MRI diffusionweighted imaging and lower overall survival. Down-regulation of LncRNA GACAT3 increased the expression of miR-497, and miR-497 mimics reduced the luciferase of LncRNA GACAT3. Increased LrcRNA GACAT3 in breast cancer cells could downregulate the expression of miR-497, down-regulate Capsase 9 and up-regulate Bcl-2 to promote proliferation and anti-apoptosis of breast cancer cells.


LncRNA GAC AT3 is associated with poor prognosis of breast cancer, preoperative MRI perfusion-related diffusion (D) reduction, and elevated perfusion fraction (f). After targeting CIR-497, LncRNA GACAT3 promotes the progression of breast cancer by down- regulating Caspase 9 and up-regulating Bcl-2.

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