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Parasite. 2020;27:4. doi: 10.1051/parasite/2020002. Epub 2020 Jan 21.

Dactylogyridae (Monogenoidea, Polyonchoinea) from the gills of Auchenipterus nuchalis (Siluriformes, Auchenipteridae) from the Tocantins River, Brazil.

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Laboratório de Helmintos Parasitos de Peixes, Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, FIOCRUZ, Av. Brasil, 4365, Rio de Janeiro, RJ 21045-900, Brazil.
Biological Interactions, Universidade Federal do Paraná, Curitiba, PR 81531-980, Brazil - Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Científico e Tecnológico, CNPq, SHIS QI 01, Brasília 71.605-001, Brazil.


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Two species of Cosmetocleithrum Kritsky, Thatcher & Boeger, 1986 (both new) and two species of Demidospermus Suriano, 1983 (one new) are reported from the gills of the catfish Auchenipterus nuchalis, popularly known as "mapará", from the Tocantins River and tributaries, North Region of Brazil. Cosmetocleithrum berecae n. sp. differs from all other species presently known in the genus by the morphology of the anchors presenting an elongate shaft and short recurved point, a coiled male copulatory organ (MCO) with three rings, and an elongate slender accessory piece with a bifurcated distal end. Cosmetocleithrum nunani n. sp. differs from its congeners by the combination of the following features: (1) Ventral and dorsal anchors with moderately long curved shaft and short point; (2) Hooks with poorly developed thumb; (3) Hook pairs 5 and 6 similar to each other, but morphologically distinct from remaining hook pairs; and (4) MCO coiled, with approximately 1.5 rings. Demidospermus tocantinensis n. sp. is easily distinguished from other species of the genus by presenting an inverted-G-shaped MCO with a median knee-like expansion. Demidospermus osteomystax Tavernari, Takemoto, Lacerda & Pavanelli, 2010 is redescribed based on paratypes and specimens from the gills of A. nuchalis from the Tocantins River, a new host and locality records for this species. The monotypic Paracosmetocleithrum Acosta, Scholz, Blasco-Costa, Alves & Silva, 2017, the only other Neotropical genus reported in siluriforms besides Cosmetocleithrum with species presenting two ribbon-like projections on the posterior margin of the dorsal bar, is considered a junior subjective synonym of Cosmetocleithrum.


Catfish; Cosmetocleithrum; Demidospermus; Monogenea

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