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Mol Gen Genet. 1977 Jan 7;150(1):21-8.

Development of E.coli virus T1: the pattern of gene expression.


T1 infected bacteria exhibit a distinct pattern of gene expression. The control of this expression is accessible to biochemical analysis. T1 induces the synthesis of 31 proteins in E. coli. The virion contains 15 proteins. By means of T1 amber mutants, 10 gene products have been assigned to specific T1 genes. Three classes of T1 proteins are defined by the kinetics of their syntheses: early, early-late and late proteins. The regulation of protein synthesis involes at least three mechanisms: for cessation of host gene expression, for discontinuation of the early class during the late phase and for induction of the late T1 proteins. The positive control of late gene expression is not coupled to replication. The host RNA-polymerase transcribes the viral genome throughout the infectious cycle. No virus coded RNA-polymerase is induced.

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