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Scand J Gastroenterol. 1988 Aug;23(6):755-9.

The effect of starch malabsorption on fecal short-chain fatty acid excretion in man.

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Dept. of Medicine, W├╝rzburg University, FRG.


To study the impact of starch malabsorption on fecal short-chain fatty acid concentrations, 11 healthy volunteers consumed a controlled diet rich in starch for 2 4-week periods. They received the glucosidase inhibitor acarbose (Bay g 5421) in one of the study periods and placebo in the other. Stool wet weight increased by 68% and stool dry weight by 57% with acarbose. The fecal concentration (mumol/g wet weight) of n-butyrate (+58%) rose significantly when acarbose was added to the diet. The fecal excretion (mmol/day) of total short-chain fatty acids (+95%) and of their constituents acetate (+97%) and n-butyrate (+182%) was significantly higher when starch malabsorption was induced by acarbose.

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