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Epidemiol Prev. 2019 Sep-Dec;43(5-6):364-373. doi: 10.19191/EP19.5-6.P364.106.

[More equity in Lazio region health care: results from the Regional Outcome Evaluation Program (PReValE), 2012-2017].

[Article in Italian]

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Dipartimento di epidemiologia del Servizio sanitario regionale, Regione Lazio, ASL RM1, Roma.
Dipartimento di epidemiologia del Servizio sanitario regionale, Regione Lazio, ASL RM1, Roma;



to evaluate equity in the Lazio regional Health System, both in terms of unequal access to health care among individuals with different educational levels and of heterogeneity in hospital performance, between 2012 and 2017.


retrospective cohort study.


all patients living in Lazio region and discharged from a regional facility between 2012 and 2017 were enrolled. Three cohorts of hospitalizations were selected: acute myocardial infarctions with ST segment elevation (STEMI), hip fractures, and deliveries.


the proportions of STEMIs with PCI within 90 minutes, of patients with a hip fracture who underwent surgery within 2 days, and of deliveries with primary caesarean section were evaluated, accounting for patient demographic characteristics and comorbidities that could affect the outcome under study. These proportions were calculated by education and by hospital of admission. The heterogeneity among facilities was assessed through the median odds ratio (MOR).


in Lazio region, between 2012 and 2017, an improvement of the quality of care was observed: in 2017, 50.4% of STEMI patients underwent to a PCI within 90 minutes, 54.4% of patients with a hip fracture underwent surgery within 2 days, and 26.2% of women had a C-section. In 2012, when comparing the adjusted proportions of outcomes by educational level, the probability of being treated with a PCI within 90 minutes for STEMIs and with surgery within 2 days for hip fractures was higher for graduated patients than for those with the lowest education. In contrast, graduated women had the highest risk of having a C-section. In 2017, there was no difference anymore between classes of education in STEMIs and C-sections, while in patients with hip fracture the difference was decreased, but still present. For hip fractures, a reduction of heterogeneity of hospital performances was also detected.


in Lazio region, a reduction in inequalities in access to health care was observed for different clinical areas. The "public disclosure" of the PReValE results and the management strategy applied in mid-2013 could have driven the overall improvement of the health system for the conditions under study, helping to achieve a fairer access to health.


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