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Bioinformation. 2019 Feb 28;15(2):79-89. doi: 10.6026/97320630015079. eCollection 2019.

Structural insights from water-ferredoxin interaction in mesophilic algae and halophilic archaea.

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Department of Biotechnology,The University of Burdwan,Burdwan, West Bengal,India.
Department of Zoology,The University of Burdwan,Burdwan,West Bengal,India.
Department of Biological Sciences,ISI,Kolkata,West Bengal,India.


We analyzed the water-ferredoxin interaction in mesophilic (moderate temperature) algae (PDB ID: 1AWD) and halophilic (salt-tolerant) archaea (PDB ID: 1DOI) using POWAIND version 2.0 (a protein-water interactions calculation program). It is found that the shell water (SW) is 2.5 fold greater in halophilic ferredoxin than mesophilic ferredoxin. Water-ferredoxin interactions in the core and cavity are the signature of stability. The normalized frequency of such interactions is less in halophilic relative to mesophilic ferredoxin and the halophilic signature for stability by such interactions is negligible. However, the surface dominated with such interactions seems to be important for ferredoxin and oxido-reductase recognition.


Bound-waters; bridge interactions; cavity bound waters; ferredoxin recognition; halophilic signature; interior bound waters

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