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Biochimie. 1988 Mar;70(3):423-7.

Characterization of the bacteriophage B2 of Lactobacillus plantarum ATCC 8014.

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Norwegian Food Research Institute, Aas-NLH.


Bacteriophage B2 of Lactobacillus plantarum ATCC 8014, isolated in 1971, belonged to Bradley's group B. Electron microscopy revealed an isometric head (110 nm) and a long non-contractile and flexible tail (500 nm) containing about 75 regularly aligned lateral striations. Burst size was 12-14 phages per infectious centre. The latent period for phage development was 75 min and the rise period approximately 90 min. The phage particle contained 5 major proteins. The buoyant density of the phage in CsCl was measured as 1.575 g/cm3. B2 genome was a linear double-stranded DNA molecule of 37 +/- 1% guanosine-cytosine. Its size was 73 kilobase pairs (kbp). Restriction analysis of the genome showed that 4 restriction enzymes (Xba I, Sac I, Bgl II and Sma I) gave single site cuts in the DNA, while Ava I and Sal I formed 2 and 5 cuts, respectively.

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