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AIDS. 2019 Oct 1;33(12):1819-1830. doi: 10.1097/QAD.0000000000002288.

IL-27 posttranslationally regulates Y-box binding protein-1 to inhibit HIV-1 replication in human CD4+ T cells.

Author information

Laboratory of Human Retrovirology and Immunoinformatics.
AIDS Monitoring Laboratory.
Protein Characterization Laboratory.
Immmunological Monitoring Laboratory, Applied and Developmental Research Directorate, Leidos Biomedical Research Inc., Frederick National Laboratory for Cancer Research, Frederick, Maryland, USA.



IL-27 is known as an antiviral cytokine that inhibits HIV, hepatitis C virus, and other viruses. We have previously demonstrated that, IL-27 posttreatment after HIV-infection inhibits viral replication in primary CD4 T cells.


Here, we evaluated the anti-HIV effect of IL-27 pretreatment in CD4 T cells from healthy donors prior to HIV infection with HIVNL4.3 or vesicular stomatitis virus G glycoprotein (VSV-G)-pseudotyped HIV-luciferase virus (HIV-LUC-V).


IL-27-treated CD4 T cells were infected with HIVNL4.3 or HIV-LUC-V and assessed the anti-HIV effect. HIV infection was monitored by p24 antigen ELISA or luciferase assay. HIV fusion/entry and uncoating were determined by BlaM-Vpr assay and HIV fate of capsid and/or HIV Entry/Uncoating assay based on core-packaged RNA availability and Translation assay, respectively. HIV proviral copy number was determined by real-time PCR. Gene expression profile from IL-27-pretreated CD4 T cells was determined using Genechip array. Posttranslational modification of global proteins from IL-27-pretreated CD4 T cells was determined by a combination of 2-dimensional difference-in-gel-electrophoresis (2D-DIG), western-blot and protein mass spectrometry.


IL-27 pretreatment inhibited HIVNL4.3 and HIV-LUC-V infection in CD4 T cells. HIV copy assay demonstrated that IL-27-treatment suppressed an early step of reverse transcription during HIV infection. A combination of 2D-DIG-electrophoresis and western blot assays demonstrated that IL-27-treatment induces a change in posttranslational modification of Y box binding protein-1 (YB-1). Overexpression of domain negative YB-1 mutants illustrated that a residue Lysine at 118 plays a key role in supporting HIV infection in CD4 T cells.


IL-27-pretreatment inhibits HIV-1 infection by suppressing an HIV-reverse transcription product formation/uncoating step by suppressing the acetylation of YB-1 in primary CD4 T cells.

[Available on 2020-10-01]

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