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Eur J Biochem. 1987 Dec 30;170(1-2):493-8.

Developmental changes in rat hepatic casein kinases 1 and 2.

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Departament de Bioquímica i Biologia Molecular, Facultat de Ciències, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Spain.


Cytosolic histone kinase and casein kinase activities varied considerably in the late fetal and postnatal periods of liver development. Both activities showed a maximum at day 21 of gestation and decreased at birth to values close to those of adult rats. The changes in total casein kinase activity were due to variations of casein kinase 1 and casein kinase 2. Similarly the activities of both the cyclic-AMP-dependent protein (histone) kinase and the cyclic-AMP-independent histone kinase varied during development. Besides the changes in total activity, the affinity of casein kinases 1 and 2 for casein also varied in fetal and postnatal development. The Km values of casein kinase 2 increased from day 18, reached a maximum at day 20 of gestation and then started to decrease until one day after birth. In contrast the Km values of casein kinase 1 decreased from day 18, reached its lowest value at day 21 of gestation and attained values similar to those in the adult at the day of birth. Changes in this parameter were also observed when insulin (3 IU/kg) was administered by intraperitoneal injection to one-day-old rats. The Km values of casein kinase 1 decreased while those of casein kinase 2 increased after administration of this hormone. On the other hand, the Km values for ATP of casein kinases 1 and 2 as well as their apparent molecular masses and sensitivity to heparin and GTP did not significantly change during ontogeny of rat liver.

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