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Zookeys. 2019 Jun 3;851:27-69. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.851.31403. eCollection 2019.

Establishment of six new Rhabdoblatta species (Blattodea, Blaberidae, Epilamprinae) from China.

Author information

Institute of Entomology, College of Plant Protection, Southwest University Beibei China.


This study examined 504 Rhabdoblatta specimens sampled from China, of which, 86 Rhabdoblatta specimens were used for COI sequencing. A phylogenetic analysis using the ML method and MOTUs estimations by ABGD and GMYC based on COI sequences was performed. Eighteen Rhabdoblatta species were identified when these data were combined with morphological data. Six new species were established among these samples, i.e., Rh.similsinuata sp. n., Rh.densimaculata sp. n., Rh.gyroflexa sp. n., Rh.chaulformis sp. n., Rh.maculata sp. n., and Rh.ecarinata sp. n. For the first time, females including female genitalia of 14 known Rhabdoblatta species are described worldwide. Our study shows that combining molecular species delimitation methods with morphological data helps to delimit species and understand cockroach biodiversity.


ABGD; GMYC; female genitalia; new species; species delimitation

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