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Parasite Immunol. 1987 Sep;9(5):563-78.

Cytotoxic T-cells elicited in cattle challenged with Theileria parva (Muguga): evidence for restriction by class I MHC determinants and parasite strain specificity.

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International Laboratory for Research on Animal Disease (ILRAD), Nairobi, Kenya.


The MHC restriction and parasite strain specificity of cytotoxic cells elicited in a group of Theileria parva (Muguga)-immunized cattle following homologous challenge, were investigated. The cytotoxic cells were specific for parasitized target cells and in 9 of the 10 animals examined, they were clearly genetically restricted. Cytotoxicity could be inhibited by monoclonal antibodies (MoAb) to class I MHC molecules but not by MoAb to class II molecules, indicating that a large component of the response was restricted by class I MHC determinants. Low levels of inhibition of cytotoxicity were also obtained with a MoAb to the T-cell subset marker BoT8, suggesting that at least part of the response was mediated by BoT8+ lymphocytes. When cytotoxic cells from individual cattle were assayed on panels of parasitized target cells, there was a close correlation between susceptibility of the target cells to lysis and sharing of BoLA-A locus-encoded specificities with the effectors. This observation, taken together with the knowledge that within several of the sets of BoLA-A-matched targets the relevant BoLA-A specificities were on different MHC haplotypes, indicated that the responses were restricted predominantly by BoLA-A products. In individual cattle there was a striking bias in the restriction of the response to one or other BoLA-A specificity. Among the six specificities represented, responses restricted by w6, w8 and KN18 consistently predominated over responses restricted by w7, w10 and w11. In the three cattle tested for parasite strain specificity, two showed complete specificity and one partial specificity for cells infected with the parasite stock used for immunization, T. parva (Muguga).

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