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Opt Express. 2019 May 27;27(11):16360-16376. doi: 10.1364/OE.27.016360.

Accurate measurement for damage evolution of ceramics caused by nanosecond laser pulses with polarization spectrum imaging.


Due to the interference of excitation lights and the perturbation of spattered particles, it is very difficult to detect the real-time evolution of ceramics damaged by pulsed laser. In this paper, a metrology "on-line detection of damage identification via the polarization spectrum imaging" is proposed to realize the real-time observation for damage evolution of ceramic composite irradiated by the laser. In this metrology, the detection principle is based on a mathematical model of polarization bidirectional reflectance distribution function. According to the Stokes vector analysis method, the damage law of the material surface under the continuous activating illuminations of multiple laser pulses and the increase of pulse energy is theoretically deduced and analyzed first, then the measured polarization spectra are compared with the microscopic imaging method to extract the edge texture information, and further the damage details are characterized with this metrology under the typical polarization parameters: I, Q, U, V, DOP and AOP. As a result, the damaging degree of ceramic composite irradiated by the 1064nm nanosecond pulsed laser, which is changed from the pulse power of 155.54 mJ and 14 pulses to 217.94 mJ and 1 pulse, can be identified with a series of polarization parameters in the different polarization spectrum images. These polarization parameters and their derived results reflect the physical and chemical evolutive properties including of texture orientation of the target surface that is different from other methods of damage detection. Finally, it can be concluded that this paper provides a new method for real-time detection of laser damage and lays a foundation for detection and identification under other strong light interference.


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