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Ter Arkh. 2019 Mar 11;91(1):71-77. doi: 10.26442/00403660.2019.01.000033.

Interrelation of cardiovascular risk factors with high albuminury among patients with arterial hypertension living in Mountain Shoriya.

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Research Institute for Complex Issues of Cardiovascular Diseases, Kemerovo, Russia.
Novokuznetsk State Institute for Further Training of Physicians - Branch Campus of the Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, Novokuznetsk, Russia.



To evaluate the association of a complex of cardiovascular risk factors and genetic markers with the development of high albuminuria among patients with arterial hypertension in the population of Mountain Shoriya, taking into account ethnicity.


A clinical epidemiological study of a compactly residing population in remote areas of Mountain Shoria was carried out. 1409 people were examined [901 people - representatives of the indigenous nationality (Shorians), 508 people - representatives of non-indigenous nationality (90% of them are Caucasians)]. Hypertension was diagnosed according to the National Guidelines of the Russian Society of Cardiology/the Russian Medical Society on Arterial Hypertension (2010). All patients underwent clinical, laboratory and instrumental investigation. To study the state of the kidneys, the concentration (the presence of elevated levels) of albumin (albuminuria) in the morning portion of urine by an immunoturbidimetric method was analyzed. Polymorphisms of genes ACE (I/D, rs4340), АGT (c.803T>C, rs699), AGTR1 (А1166С, rs5186), ADRB1 (с.145A>G, Ser49Gly, rs1801252), ADRA2B (I/D, rs28365031), MTHFR (c.677С>Т, Ala222Val, rs1801133) and NOS3 (VNTR, 4b/4a) were tested using PCR.


In the group of shors with arterial hypertension, high albuminuria was associated with polymorphisms of the ACE genes (OR=2.05), ADRA2B (OR=6.00), elevated triglyceride level (OR=2.86), decreased index of cholesterol of high density lipoproteins (OR=5.57) and increased index of low density lipoproteins (OR=2.49); in the new population - with polymorphisms of the AGTR1 genes (OR=8.66), ADRA2B (OR=6.53), MTHFR (OR=7.16), obesity (OR=2.72), and abdominal obesity (OR=3.14).


The primary predictors determining the development of high albuminuria among patients with arterial hypertension in both ethnic groups were genetic ones. In addition to them, non-genetic risk factors also contributed to the development of this organ damage to the kidneys: age and lipid metabolism disorders in representatives of indigenous nationality; age and abdominal obesity in the examined patients non-indigenous nationality.


albuminuria; ethnos; factors of cardiovascular risk; polymorphism of candidate genes

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