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Cell. 1987 Jun 5;49(5):699-707.

Germ line and soma cooperate during oogenesis to establish the dorsoventral pattern of egg shell and embryo in Drosophila melanogaster.


Mutations in gurken and torpedo cause a ventralization in the follicle cell epithelium during Drosophila oogenesis and in the pattern of the embryo that develops in the resultant egg. Both genes lie midway in an epistatic series between fs(1)K10 and dorsal; the mutations block the dorsalization normally observed in K10 eggs but have no effect on the phenotype of embryos derived from dorsal mothers. Analysis of germ-line mosaics demonstrates that both ovarian and embryonic phenotypes will be produced when either the gurken+ gene is removed from the germ line or torpedo+ is removed from the soma. This shows that the dorsoventral pattern of the Drosophila egg chamber depends on the transfer of spatial information from the germ line to the somatic follicle cells, and from somatic cells to the oocyte.

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