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J Neurogenet. 1987 Jan;4(1):1-19.

Localization of the genes shaking-B, small optic lobes, sluggish-A, stoned and stress-sensitive-C to a well-defined region on the X-chromosome of Drosophila melanogaster.


Using deletion mapping and complementation tests, we have localized 5 behavioral mutations: shaking-B2, small optic lobesKS58, sluggish-AEE85, stonedts1, and stress-sensitive-C1 to 4 genetic complementation groups at the base of the X-chromosome. Shaking-B2 is an allele of the lethal complementation group R-9-29 near band 19E3; small optic lobesKS58 and sluggish-AEE85 belong to adjacent complementation groups, between lethals W2 and A112 near band 19F4; and stonedts1 and stress-sensitive-C1 are both alleles of the 8P1 lethal complementation group between lethals 114 and 13E3 near bands 20B-C.

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