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Virology. 1987 Mar;157(1):31-9.

Hantaan virus M RNA: coding strategy, nucleotide sequence, and gene order.


The M genome segment of Hantaan virus was molecularly cloned and the nucleotide sequence of cDNA was determined. The virion RNA is 3616 bases long with 3'- and 5'-terminal nucleotide sequences complementary for 18 bases. A single long open reading frame in the viral complementary-sense RNA had the potential to encode 1135 amino acids or a polypeptide of 126,000 Da. Amino-terminal sequences of isolated G1 and G2 envelope glycoproteins were determined, revealing a gene order with respect to message sense RNA of 5'-G1-G2-3'. Mature G1 begins 18 amino acids beyond the first AUG of the open reading frame, preceded by a short, hydrophobic leader sequence. G2 begins at the 649th amino acid of the open reading frame and also follows a hydrophobic sequence. Carboxy termini of G1 and G2 were localized and gene order was verified by immune precipitation of Hantaan proteins with antisera to synthetic peptides generated by using amino acid sequences derived from the cDNA sequence. The antipeptide sera were also reactive by immunoblotting with SDS-denatured G1 and G2. Molecular weights of 64,000 and 53,700 were calculated for the G1 and G2 glycoproteins, respectively, from their predicted amino acid sequences. Five potential asparagine-linked glycosylation sites were contained within the G1 amino acid sequence and two within the G2 sequence. These data are consistent with our previous estimates of the molecular weights and extent of glycosylation of the Hantaan envelope glycoproteins.

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