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Gene. 1986;45(2):221-5.

Nucleotide sequence of the sucrase gene of Bacillus subtilis.


The sucrase gene (sacA) and part of the sacP locus, which corresponds to a membrane component of the phosphotransferase system (PTS) of sucrose transport of Bacillus subtilis, were previously cloned on a 2.1-kb EcoRI DNA fragment. Genes sacA and sacP were localized on this DNA fragment and the nucleotide sequence of the 2.1-kb DNA fragment was determined. A 1440-bp open reading frame (480 codons) was identified coding for a deduced polypeptide of Mr54827, which corresponds to that of purified sucrase. The amino acid sequence shares homology with that of yeast invertase (SUC2 gene product). The sacA gene and the preceding sacP gene seem to belong to the same operon.

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