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J Mol Biol. 1986 Aug 20;190(4):593-604.

Phosphocholine binding immunoglobulin Fab McPC603. An X-ray diffraction study at 2.7 A.


The crystal structure of the Fab of McPC603, a phosphocholine-binding mouse myeloma protein, has been refined at 2.7 A resolution by a combination of restrained least-squares refinement and molecular modeling. The overall structure remains as previously reported, with an elbow bend angle between the variable and constant modules of 133 degrees. Some adjustments have been made in the structure of the loops as a result of the refinement. The hypervariable loops are all visible in the electron density map with the exception of three residues in the first hypervariable loop of the light chain. A sulfate ion occupies the site of binding of the phosphate moiety of phosphocholine.

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