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Nature. 1986 Sep 25-Oct 1;323(6086):346-9.

Isolation of complementary DNA clones encoding the human lymphocyte glycoprotein T1/Leu-1.


The T1/Leu-1/CD5 molecule, a human T-cell surface glycoprotein of relative molecular mass (Mr) 67,000, has been implicated in the proliferative response of activated T cells and in T-cell helper function. A similar involvement in T-cell proliferation has been reported for Ly-1, the murine homologue of T1. Here we report the complete amino-acid sequence of the T1 precursor molecule deduced from complementary DNA clones. The protein contains a classical signal peptide; a 347-amino-acid extracellular segment; a transmembrane region; and a 93-amino-acid intracellular segment. The extracellular segment contains many cysteine residues and is composed of two related structural domains separated by a proline/threonine-rich region. The T1 molecule has structural features characteristic of other receptor molecules.

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