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Cell Immunol. 1986 Apr 1;98(2):257-65.

402AX teratocarcinoma MHC class I antigen expression is regulated in vivo by Lyt 1, Lyt 2, and L3T4 expressing splenic T cells.


The murine 402AX teratocarcinoma is a MHC class I antigen negative tumor of 129 strain origin. Host resistance to the 402AX tumor is genetically controlled. When passed intraperitoneally in genetically resistant mice, the tumor cells are induced to express MHC Class I antigens of the 129 genotype. When passed in genetically susceptible mice, the tumor cells remain MHC class I antigen negative. Earlier studies have demonstrated that resistance to the tumor and regulation of tumor cell MHC class I antigen expression are under the control of the host's immune system. The present studies indicate that splenic Lyt 1-, Lyt 2-, and L3T4-expressing cells regulate tumor cell MHC class I antigen expression, and that these cells require a genetically resistant host environment in which to differentiate. Splenic T cells primed to the 402AX tumor and transferred into genetically susceptible 129 mice give rise to GVHD, suggesting that immunity to the tumor involves reactivity to 129 minor histocompatibility antigens.

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