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A monoclonal antibody that detects myoepithelial cells in exocrine glands, basal cells in other epithelia and basal and suprabasal cells in certain hyperplastic tissues.


Myoepithelial and luminal cells of human exocrine glands can be positively identified with two different monoclonal antibodies. Myoepithelial cells including those of the salivary gland, mammary gland and sweat gland are positively identified by an antibody CKB1. This antibody does not stain luminal cells, but stains the basal cell layer of certain human stratified epithelia and a few basal cells in simple epithelia. Thus myoepithelial cells and basal cells have certain common features. Luminal cells can be positively stained with the CK5 monoclonal keratin antibody specific for keratin polypeptide 18; this antibody does not stain myoepithelial cells. Of interest is that CKB1 also appears to stain basal and suprabasal cells in certain hyperplastic conditions.

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