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Vet Microbiol. 1986 Jun;12(1):43-53.

Production of Brucella abortus-specific protein A-reactive antibodies (IgG2) in infected and vaccinated cattle.


The IgG2 anti-Brucella antibody response of cattle to Brucella vaccination and infection was measured. Three groups of animals were studied; Group 1 contained 11 non-vaccinated cows, Group 2, 17 cows vaccinated with a low dose of Strain 19 vaccine and Group 3, 17 cows vaccinated with a high dose of Strain 19 vaccine. All animals were challenged at Week 33 with an infectious isolate of B. abortus (Strain 2308). Studies of the IgG2 antibodies response indicated an absolute correlation between anti-Brucella IgG2 levels and infection of the animal. All animals showing reciprocal titers of greater than or equal to 3000 (16 of 45 tested) were found to be positive for the challenge organism at slaughter. Animals with reciprocal IgG2 titers less than or equal to 1000 (29 of 45 tested) were found to be negative for the challenge organism at the time of slaughter. The predictive value of IgG2 antibody levels for infection held for animals in all three groups and consequently this suggests that monitoring of specific IgG2 anti-Brucella antibody levels may be of value in detection of Brucella-infected cattle.

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