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Parasitology. 1986 Apr;92 ( Pt 2):343-54.

Schistosoma mansoni: an ultrastructural examination of pulmonary migration.


The migration of schistosomula through the lungs of mice has been investigated at the ultrastructural level. On Days 4 and 7 post-infection schistosomula were located only within the vasculature. Newly arrived Day 4 schistosomula were highly convoluted and completely occluded vessels measuring approximately 15-25 micron in diameter. By Day 7 parasites were located in pulmonary capillaries, often causing considerable distension. The subtegumentary fibrous interstitial layer was absent in elongated lung schistosomula. The minimum diameter of such parasites was 8 micron, and their tegument was usually unridged and flattened against the vascular endothelium, thus resulting in close apposition of endothelial and tegumental membranes. The tight fit of schistosomula in the pulmonary capillaries implies that migration through them is both a strenuous and slow process. The migratory delay in the lungs after arrival from the skin occurs because dimensional changes are necessary for successful capillary migration.

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