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Int J Biochem. 1986;18(4):383-8.

Comparison of the metabolic behavior of rat apolipoproteins A-I and A-IV, isolated from both lymph chylomicrons and serum high density lipoproteins.


Rat apolipoprotein (apo) A-I and A-IV, isolated from both lymph chylomicrons and serum high density lipoproteins (HDL) were analyzed by isoelectric focusing. Lymph chylomicron apo A-I consisted for 81 +/- 2% of the pro form and for 19 +/- 2% of the mature form, while apo A-I isolated from serum HDL was present for 36 +/- 4% in the pro form and for 64 +/- 4% in the mature form. Apo A-IV also showed two major protein bands after analysis by isoelectric focusing. The most prominent component is the more basic protein that amounts to 80 +/- 2% in apo A-IV isolated from lymph chylomicrons and to 60 +/- 3% in apo A-IV isolated from serum HDL. Apo A-I (or apo A-IV), isolated from both sources (lymph chylomicrons or serum HDL), was iodinated and the radioactive apolipoproteins were incorporated into rat serum lipoproteins. The resulting labeled HDL was isolated from serum by molecular sieve chromatography on 6% agarose columns and injected intravenously into rats. No difference in the fractional turnover rate or the tissue uptake of the two labeled HDL preparations was observed, neither for apo A-I nor for apo A-IV. It is concluded that the physiological significance of the extracellular pro apo A-I conversion or the post-translational modification of apo A-IV is not related to the fractional turnover rate in serum or to the rate of catabolism in liver and kidneys.

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