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J Biol Chem. 1986 Mar 15;261(8):3486-9.

The activation of pro-urokinase by plasma kallikrein and its inactivation by thrombin.


Plasma kallikrein was found to be a good activator of pro-urokinase, the inactive zymogen form of urokinase. The complete activation of pro-urokinase by plasma kallikrein was obtained in 2 h with an enzyme/substrate weight ratio of 1/30. The rate of activation of pro-urokinase by plasma kallikrein was comparable to that catalyzed by plasmin and trypsin. The rate of activation of pro-urokinase by factor XIIa was approximately one-seventh of that by plasma kallikrein. The activation of the zymogen was due to the cleavage of a single internal peptide bond, resulting in the conversion of a single chain pro-urokinase (Mr = 55,000) into two-chain urokinase (Mr = 33,000 and 22,000), and these two chains were linked by a disulfide bond(s). These results indicate an important role of plasma kallikrein for the activation of pro-urokinase in the factor XII-dependent intrinsic pathway of fibrinolysis. Thrombin also converted pro-urokinase to a two-chain form that was not activatable by plasmin, plasma kallikrein, and factor XIIa. Thrombin specifically cleaved the Arg 156-Phe 157 bond which is located 2 residues prior to the activation site of Lys 158-Ile 159.

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