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Smith MD1, Maani CV2.


StatPearls [Internet]. Treasure Island (FL): StatPearls Publishing; 2019-.
2019 May 16.

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Brooke Army Medical Center
US Army


Norepinephrine's predominant use is as a peripheral vasoconstrictor.  Specifically, the FDA has approved its use for blood pressure control in certain acute hypotensive states, as well as a potential adjunct in the treatment of cardiac arrest with profound hypotension.  In addition, norepinephrine is generally considered to have more predictive pharmacologic properties than other alpha agonists.  This predictive quality in combination with some of its ß agonism (which improves cardiac function relative to pure alpha agonists), makes norepinephrine a widely used vasoactive agent.   It is commonly used in intensive care units to treat hypotension secondary to distributive shock.  Specifically, it is the first line agent for treating hypotension in the setting of sepsis that does not respond to fluid resuscitation.[1]

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