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Biosci Rep. 1988 Dec;8(6):609-18.

Seminalplasmin: a protein with many biological properties.

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Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad, India.


Proteins present in the seminal plasma of mammals are known to influence functions associated with ejaculated spermatozoa such as motility, capacitation, acrosome reaction and fertilising ability. The proteins isolated and characterised so far influence only one of the above functions of spermatozoa. Seminalplasmin, a protein isolated from the seminal plasma of bull is exceptional in that it influences many of the above spermatozoal functions. It is also a potent antimicrobial protein and capable of lysing microbial and mammalian cells. The physiological function of seminalplasmin as nature's own antifertility agent is discussed.

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