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Ter Arkh. 2018 Nov 22;90(10):84-88. doi: 10.26442/terarkh2018901084-88.

Functional insufficiency of the pancreas and the metabolic activity of the microbiota in cystic fibrosis adults patients.

Author information

A.S.Loginov Moscow Clinical Scientific Center, Moscow Healthcare Department, Moscow, Russia.
Research Institute of Pulmonology, Moscow, Russia.



In order to optimize the therapy, the functional state of the pancreas (P) and the peculiarities of metabolic activity of intestinal microbiota in adults with cystic fibrosis (CF) were assessed.


14 CF patients (20-34 years, 7 men, 7 women) were enrolled. In 8 patients, the diagnosis was confirmed in the first year of life on the basis of clinical data, positive sweat test, 5 had genetic confirmation. In 4 patients, the diagnosis was confirmed at the age of 8-13 years and 2 patients aged 18, 27 years. In this group, genetic confirmation was in 4 subjects. In addition to general clinical studies, the level of C-peptide in blood, elastase and the concentration of short chain fatty acids in feces was determined.


Of elastase feces in 9 patients was 5.5±4.7 icg/g, that is revealed severe exocrine insufficiency of the pancreas and in 5 patients the elastase level was normal and amounted to 402±124 icg/g. Deployed the clinical picture of diabetes mellitus was observed in 3 patients. Metabolic activity of the colon microflora as a whole was reduced, the sum of the concentration of short-chain fatty acids (ΣCn) was 6.03±4.11 mg/g at a rate of 10.61±5.11 (p<0.05). At the same time, in some patients (group 1, n=9), who were at the time of the study on antibiotic therapy, the value of ΣCn was 3.32±0.33 mg/g, and in patients receiving probiotic drugs (group 2, n=5), the activity of microflora did not differ from the norm ((ΣCn=11.03±2.01 mg/g). The correlation dependence of the ratio of the total iso-acids fraction in patients with MV to the normal values and the level of fecal elastase (r= -0.46, p=0.049) was revealed.


Most patients with CF (64%) diagnosed with exocrine pancreatic insufficiency severe according elastase stool. The activity of faecal elastase correlated with parameters of microbiocenosis, which indicates the necessity of correction is not only functional insufficiency of the pancreas, but also the state of the microbiota.


cystic fibrosis; elastase of feces; exocrine insufficiency; microbiota; pancreas; short-chain fatty acids

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