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Huan Jing Ke Xue. 2019 Feb 8;40(2):658-668. doi: 10.13227/j.hjkx.201806232.

[Influence of Calcium Ion Pre-treatment on Phosphate Adsorption onto Magnetic Zirconium/Iron-modified Bentonite].

[Article in Chinese]

Author information

College of Marine Ecology and Environment, Shanghai Ocean University, Shanghai 201306, China.
College of Environment, Zhejiang University of Technology, Hangzhou 310032, China.
College of Municipal and Environmental Engineering, Shandong Jianzhu University, Ji'nan 250101, China.


Two kinds of magnetic zirconium/iron-modified bentonites (ZrFeBTs), including magnetic zirconium/iron modified raw bentonite (ZrFeRBT) and magnetic zirconium/iron-modified Ca2+-pretreated bentonite, (ZrFeCaBT) were prepared and characterized. Their phosphate adsorption characteristics were compared to determine the effect of the Ca2+ pre-treatment on the adsorption of phosphate onto ZrFeBTs. The results showed that the as-prepared ZrFeBTs contained Fe3O4 and Zr, and the content of exchangeable Ca2+ in ZrFeCaBT was much higher than that in ZrFeRBT. The adsorption isotherm data exhibited good agreement with the Langmuir isotherm model, with maximum monolayer phosphate adsorption capacities of 8.70 mg·g-1 and 11.5 mg·g-1 for ZrFeRBT and ZrFeCaBT, respectively. The isotherm and kinetics studies showed that the adsorption of phosphate on ZrFeBTs was a chemisorption process. The phosphate adsorption capacities for ZrFeBTs decreased with increasing solution pH. The ZrFeBTs exhibited a high selective adsorption for phosphate in the presence of anions and cations, including Cl-, HCO3-, SO42-, NO3-, Na+, K+, Mg2+, and Ca2+. Furthermore, coexisting Ca2+ greatly enhanced the adsorption of phosphate onto ZrFeBTs. The pre-treatment of raw bentonite with Ca2+ significantly improved the adsorption of phosphate onto ZrFeBTs.


adsorption; calcium ion pre-treatment; effect; magnetic zirconium/iron-modified bentonite; phosphate


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