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Pathology, Inflammation.


Stone WL1, Burns B2.


StatPearls [Internet]. Treasure Island (FL): StatPearls Publishing; 2019-.
2018 Nov 23.

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East Tennessee State University
East Tennessee State University (ETSU)


Inflammation is a broad and ancient medical term initially referring to a set of classic signs and symptoms including edema, erythema (redness), warmness, pain, and loss of function (stiffness and immobility).[1] Currently, inflammation is recognized as a set of complex changing responses to tissue injury primarily caused by toxic chemicals, some environmental agents, trauma, overuse, or infection. Some of these responses can be beneficial as in wound healing and infection control, or pathological as in many chronic disease states. Inflammation is a “second-line” defense against infectious agents. The responses evoked by inflammation are a keystone of pathology. Diseases in which inflammation plays a dominant pathological role have the suffix "-itis." Both cell-mediated and humoral responses of the immune system are central to inflammation. This review summarizes information relating inflammation to cardiovascular disease (CVD) and cancer since these are major world causes of mortality and morbidity.

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