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Can J Microbiol. 2019 Mar;65(3):191-200. doi: 10.1139/cjm-2018-0157. Epub 2018 Nov 9.

Impact of artificial reefs on sediment bacterial structure and function in Bohai Bay.

Wang Y1,2, Sun J1,2,3, Fang E1,2, Guo B1,2, Dai Y1, Gao Y1,2, Wang H1,2, Zhang X1,2, Xu X1,2, Yu Y1,2, Liu K1,2.

Author information

a Department of Resources and Environment and Ecology Laboratory, Tianjin Bohai Sea Fisheries Research Institute, Tianjin 300457, P.R. China.
b Tianjin Ocean Ranch Technical Engineering Center, Tianjin 300457, P.R. China.
c College of Life Science, Tianjin Normal University, Tianjin 300387, P.R. China.


Artificial reefs have significantly altered ecological and environmental conditions compared with natural reefs, but how these changes affect sediment bacteria structure and function is unknown. Here, we compared the structure and function of the sediment bacterial community in the artificial reef area, the future artificial reef area, and the control area in Bohai Bay by 16S rRNA genes sequencing. Our results indicated that bacteria communities in the sediment were both taxonomically and functionally different between the reef area and control area. In the artificial reef area, the α-diversity was significantly lower, whereas the β-diversity was significantly higher. Functional genes related to chemo-heterotrophy, nitrate reduction, hydrocarbon degradation, and the human pathogens and human gut were more abundant, whereas genes related to the metabolism of sulfur compounds were less abundant in the artificial reef than in the control area. The differences in bacterial communities were primarily determined by depth in the artificial reef area, and by total organic carbon in the future reef area and control area. This study provides the first overview of molecular ecology to assess the impacts of artificial reefs on the bacteria community.


analyse de corrélation de facteurs environnementaux; artificial reefs; communauté bactérienne sédimentaire; environmental factor correlation analysis; function genes; gènes de fonction; récifs artificiels; sediment bacterial community

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