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Gene. 1987;53(2-3):145-52.

RNA polymerase makes important contacts upstream from base pair -49 at the Escherichia coli galactose operon P1 promoter.


A G:C to T:A transversion at bp position -19 in the gal operon promoter region relieves the dependence of galP1 promoter activity on the cAMP-CRP complex. Deletion analysis shows that expression from the promoter is decreased on replacement of the sequence between 49 and 54 bp upstream from the P1 start point. Moreover, protection experiments show that RNA polymerase interacts with this region in open complexes at P1. We propose that this contact is necessary for optimal P1 activity; point mutations in the gal promoter region can alter DNA flexibility and hence the strength of this contact; CRP factor activates P1 transcription by favouring formation of this contact; and the gal repressor blocks P1 activity by binding to this zone.

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