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J Biol Chem. 1987 Jun 25;262(18):8759-66.

Class II genes of the human major histocompatibility complex. The DO beta gene is a divergent member of the class II beta gene family.


A novel class II beta chain gene is described. This gene, tentatively called DO beta, displays considerably less polymorphism than beta genes of the DP, DQ, and DR loci. The nucleotide sequence of the DO beta gene is strikingly similar to that of the previously identified murine A beta 2 gene. The DO beta gene displays the same exon/intron organization as other beta genes although the fifth exon and the translated portion of the sixth exon are longer than in other genes. A striking feature of the amino acid sequence deduced from the DO beta gene sequence is the pronounced hydrophobicity of the NH2-terminal region. This feature distinguishes the putative DO beta chain from other class II beta chains and raises the possibility that DO beta chains may interact with an alpha chain that is structurally different from those of the DP, DQ, and DR loci. It further suggests that the putative DO molecule may have a function different from those of other class II antigens.

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