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Am J Vet Res. 1987 May;48(5):780-93.

Second-generation pseudorabies virus vaccine with deletions in thymidine kinase and glycoprotein genes.


A modified-live pseudorabies virus (PRV) vaccine, designated PRV(dlg92/d1tk), with deletions in the thymidine kinase (tk) and glycoprotein-gIII (g92) genes, was derived from the PRV (Bucharest [BUK]-d13) vaccine strain. The vaccine virus also contained a deletion in glycoprotein gI. Despite 3 deletions, PRV(dlg92/d1tk) replicated to high titers in cell culture from 30 C to 39.1 C. Enzyme assays and autoradiography revealed that PRV(dlg92/d1tk) did not induce a functional tk activity in infected tk- RAB(BU) cells (rabbit skin). Rabbit skin cells were infected with PRV(dlg92/d1tk), with vaccine strains derived from BUK or Bartha K strains of PRV or with the virulent Illinois (ILL), Indiana-Funkhauser (IND-F), and Aujeszky (Auj) strains of PRV and were labeled with [3H]mannose from 4 or 5 to 24 hours after infection to investigate whether these viruses induced the synthesis of glycoprotein gIII. Nonionic detergent extracts were prepared and immunoprecipitated with antisera from pigs vaccinated with tk(-)-PRV(BUK-d13) or tk+-Bartha K, pigs vaccinated with tk+-PRV(BUK) strains and then challenge exposed to tk+-PRV(IND-F), naturally infected domestic or feral pigs, and pigs vaccinated with tk-)-PRV(dlg92/d1tk). Mouse monoclonal antibodies against PRV glycoproteins gIII, gp50, and gII were also studied. After immunoprecipitation, labeled PRV-specific proteins were analyzed by sodium dodecylsulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis and autoradiography. The PRV glycoprotein-gII complex, but not glycoprotein gIII, was synthesized in PRV(dlg92/d1tk)-infected cells. Glycoprotein gII and gIII were made in cells infected with PRV vaccine strains BUK, Bartha K, and BUK-d13 and with virulent PRV strains ILL, IND-F, and Auj. Cells infected with PRV(dlg92/d1tk) and with PRV strains ILL, IND-F, Auj, Bartha K, BUK, and BUK-d13, excreted into the cell culture medium a highly sulfated glycoprotein gX of about 90 kilodaltons. Antibodies to glycoprotein gIII were not detected in the sera of pigs inoculated with PRV(dlg92/d1tk), but were found in all other swine sera.

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