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Virology. 1987 Jun;158(2):469-72.

Evidence for a shift in 5'-termini of early viral RNA during the lytic cycle of JC virus.


We have used primer extension and S1 analysis to localize the 5'-termini of JC virus (JCV) early RNAs in infected primary human fetal glial cells at various times postinfection and in stable JCV-transformed hamster fetal glial cells. At early times postinfection (Days 1-5), two early transcripts are initiated at nucleotides 5122 and 5082. A major shift in 5'-ends at later times results in the synthesis of a new series of early mRNAs beginning upstream at nucleotide 35 and downstream at nucleotides 5047, 5037, and 5012. In the transformed hamster cells, however, only one RNA species was detected, starting at nucleotide 5122. The mechanism underlying the shift in the initiation site of JCV early RNAs during a lytic infection remains unclear but appears analogous to that which occurs in the SV40 lytic cycle. Since the shift occurs during DNA replication, when T-antigen is at maximal levels, it is possible that T-antigen binding to JCV DNA and/or alterations in chromatin structure contribute to this event.

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