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Gene. 1986;50(1-3):3-40.

Plasmid vector pBR322 and its special-purpose derivatives--a review.


The plasmid pBR322 was one of the first EK2 multipurpose cloning vectors to be designed and constructed (ten years ago) for the efficient cloning and selection of recombinant DNA molecules in Escherichia coli. This 4363-bp DNA molecule has been extensively used as a cloning vehicle because of its simplicity and the availability of its nucleotide sequence. The widespread use of pBR322 has prompted numerous studies into its molecular structure and function. These studies revealed two features that detract from the plasmid's effectiveness as a cloning vector: plasmid instability in the absence of selection and, the lack of a direct selection scheme for recombinant DNA molecules. Several vectors based on pBR322 have been constructed to overcome these limitations and to extend the vector's versatility to accommodate special cloning purposes. The objective of this review is to provide a survey of these derivative vectors and to summarize information currently available on pBR322.

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