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FEBS Lett. 1987 Mar 23;213(2):249-53.

Molecular cloning of Clostridium difficile toxin A gene fragment in lambda gt11.


Toxin A of Clostridium difficile has been purified and monospecific antiserum produced. A reliable procedure for isolation and restriction of C. difficile chromosomal DNA was developed which allowed for the construction of a genomic library in lambda gt11. Approx. 35,000 plaques were screened using anti-toxin A which resulted in the identification of one stable positive clone, lambda cd19. Verification of the immunological identity of the isolated toxin A gene fragment in lambda cd19 was determined by affinity purifying toxin A antibodies specific for lambda cd19 gene product, and using these selected antibodies to probe a Western blot of purified toxin A. The insert in lambda cd19 was demonstrated to be a 0.3 kb fragment by restriction digestion, and by hybridization of the clone to a chromosomal digest of C. difficile. The peptide coded for by the toxin A gene fragment in lambda cd19 was not cytotoxic for 3T3 mammalian tissue culture cells.

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