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Cell. 1987 Apr 10;49(1):93-102.

Creation of a processed pseudogene by retroviral infection.


We have previously characterized a cell line transformed by a Rous sarcoma virus mutant, SE21Q1b, which contains a mutation preventing encapsidation of genomic RNA. A unique property of this mutant is that cellular RNAs are packaged into virions, even in the presence of replication-competent virus. In the current study, SE21Q1b quail cells were transfected with the plasmids pRSVneo or pCMVneo. Virions produced by SE21Q1b neoR clones contained neo RNA, and when virus from some SE21Q1b neoR clones was used to infect a chemically transformed quail cell line, QT35, neoR QT35 clones were obtained that contained single integrated copies of the neo gene. An intron inserted into pRSVneo was removed during gene transfer. These data are consistent with transfer of neo mRNAs by a pathway involving reverse transcription of mRNA encapsidated within SE21Q1b virions, and integration of resultant cDNAs into the genome of infected QT35 cells.

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