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Cell. 1987 Apr 10;49(1):9-18.

Yeast HAP1 activator competes with the factor RC2 for binding to the upstream activation site UAS1 of the CYC1 gene.


We show that the yeast HAP1 activator locus encodes a protein that binds in vitro to the upstream activation site, UAS1, of the CYC1 gene (iso-1-cytochrome c). Binding of wild-type HAP1 and truncated HAP1 derivatives to UAS1 is evident in crudely fractionated yeast extracts using the gel electrophoresis DNA binding assay. The binding of HAP1 in vitro, like the activity of UAS1 in vivo, is stimulated by heme. HAP1 binds to region B, one of two portions of UAS1 shown to be important by genetic analysis of the site. Surprisingly, HAP1 binds to the same sequence as a second factor, RC2. Both HAP1 and RC2 bind to the same side of the helix, and make similar but not identical major and minor groove contacts that span two full turns. An additional factor that binds to the second important part of UAS1, the region A factor (RAF), is also identified. A model depicting the interplay of HAP1, RC2, and RAF in the control of UAS1 is presented.

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