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J Bacteriol. 1987 Mar;169(3):1120-6.

Conservation of structure and location of Rhizobium meliloti and Klebsiella pneumoniae nifB genes.


Using transposon Tn5-mediated mutagenesis, an essential Rhizobium meliloti nitrogen fixation (nif) gene was identified and located directly downstream of the regulatory gene nifA. Maxicell and DNA sequence analysis demonstrated that the new gene is transcribed in the same direction as nifA and codes for a 54-kilodalton protein. In Klebsiella pneumoniae, the nifBQ operon is located directly downstream of a gene which is structurally and functionally homologous to the R. meliloti nifA gene. The DNA sequences of the K. pneumoniae nifB and nifQ genes (which code for 51- and 20-kilodalton proteins, respectively) were determined. The DNA sequence of the newly identified R. meliloti gene was approximately 50% homologous to the K. pneumoniae nifB gene. R. meliloti does not contain a gene homologous to nifQ directly downstream of nifB. The R. meliloti nifB product shares approximately 40% amino acid homology with the K. pneumoniae nifB product, and 10 of the 12 cysteine residues of the R. meliloti nifB product are conserved with 10 of the 17 cysteine residues of the K. pneumoniae nifB product.

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