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Biol Chem Hoppe Seyler. 1986 Nov;367(11):1147-52.

Protein-chemical identification of the major cleavage sites of the Ca2+ proteinase on murine vimentin, the mesenchymal intermediate filament protein.


Neutral thiol proteinases (calpains), activated by calcium are involved in the intracellular turnover of intermediate filaments but the precise position of the cleavage points has remained unknown. Here we identify by direct sequence analysis the major cleavage sites found when murine vimentin is digested by limited proteolysis in vitro with calpain purified from porcine kidney. Contrary to some previous suggestions, no absolute sequence specifity could be detected although 10 specific sites have been identified. This result is in line with the cDNA derived amino-acid sequence of a calpain, which pointed to a similarity of the catalytic site with the active sites in papain, cathepsin and actinidin. However, all major cleavage sites are located within regions of the vimentin molecule, which in current models of intermediate filament structure are thought to be non-helical: the amino-terminal headpiece, the carboxy-terminal tailpiece and the spacer separating the two major coiled-coil domains. The sequence information about the cleavage sites was extended to provide the amino-terminal 119 residues of murine vimentin.

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