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Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 1986 Dec 30;141(3):968-72.

Bovine angiotensin-converting enzyme: amino-terminal sequence analysis and preliminary characterization of a hybridization-selected primary translation product.


Bovine lung angiotensin-converting enzyme was isolated in pure form and the sequence of the first twenty-two NH2-terminal amino acids determined. Oligonucleotides, complementary to a selected portion of the NH2-terminal amino acid sequence of the bovine glycoprotein (Mr 145,000), were synthesized and used for hybridization selection of angiotensin-converting enzyme mRNA. The hybridization-selected mRNA programmed the in vitro synthesis of a single polypeptide (Mr 130,000) that was specifically immunoadsorbed by anti-bovine enzyme antibodies. Preliminary sequence analysis of the primary translation product suggests that bovine angiotensin-converting enzyme is synthesized without a transient NH2-terminal signal sequence.

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