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DNA Res. 2018 Dec 1;25(6):641-653. doi: 10.1093/dnares/dsy031.

Multiple links connect central carbon metabolism to DNA replication initiation and elongation in Bacillus subtilis.

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iSSB, Génopole, CNRS, UEVE, Université Paris-Saclay, Evry France.
MICALIS, INRA, Jouy en Josas, France.
Department of Cell Biology, Oslo University Hospital, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway.
Department of Molecular Biology, University of Gdansk, Gdansk, Poland.
Laboratoire MERCI, AMMIS, Faculté des Sciences, Mont-Saint-Aignan, France.


DNA replication is coupled to growth by an unknown mechanism. Here, we investigated this coupling by analyzing growth and replication in 15 mutants of central carbon metabolism (CCM) cultivated in three rich media. In about one-fourth of the condition tested, defects in replication resulting from changes in initiation or elongation were detected. This uncovered 11 CCM genes important for replication and showed that some of these genes have an effect in one, two or three media. Additional results presented here and elsewhere (Jannière, L., Canceill, D., Suski, C., et al. (2007), PLoS One, 2, e447.) showed that, in the LB medium, the CCM genes important for DNA elongation (gapA and ackA) are genetically linked to the lagging strand polymerase DnaE while those important for initiation (pgk and pykA) are genetically linked to the replication enzymes DnaC (helicase), DnaG (primase) and DnaE. Our work thus shows that the coupling between growth and replication involves multiple, medium-dependent links between CCM and replication. They also suggest that changes in CCM may affect initiation by altering the functional recruitment of DnaC, DnaG and DnaE at the chromosomal origin, and may affect elongation by altering the activity of DnaE at the replication fork. The underlying mechanism is discussed.

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